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Open Photo Album is a website where users can easily create, organize and share photos online.

Feature List

  • General membership management features.
  • Upload photos.
  • Organize photos by albums.
  • Share photos and albums.
  • Apply interesting filters to photos.
  • Make comments.
  • Switch among different interface languages.

Technical Architecture

  • Presentation Layer
    • ASP.NET Web Forms 3.5
    • ASP.NET Web Services (for Handling AJAX Invocations)
    • ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit (for Encapsulating Reusable Elements and Providing Responsive UIs)
  • Business Logic Layer
    • Custom Implementation based on LINQ to SQL
  • Data Access Layer
    • LINQ to SQL
  • Persistent Storage
    • SQL Server Express (or SQL Server)
  • Global
    • Visual Studio 2008


Home Page:

Create an Account:

Create Albums:

Upload Photos:

Apply Various Filters to a Photo:

filter-original.png filter-negative.png
filter-sketch.png filter-mosaic.png

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